Base Series 2 Arrives with March's Character of the Month Event! Join SWCT in Celebrating Kanan Jarrus!

Published on 2021-03-26 08:45:00-04:00 EST

Join <i>Star Wars</i>: Card Trader every month to celebrate some of our favorite characters from the galaxy! Kanan Jarrus is March's character! Take a look below for the ways to join the celebration!<br /> <br /> As part of the celebration, Series 2 of Base 2021 is now available in Cargo Drop, Lock-On, and all new Packs that debut after 8:45 AM ET today!<br /> <br /> <b>How the Event Works:</b><br /> Head to the Event Hub and begin the Character of the Month Event! By using Lock-On throughout the weekend you will gain access to FREE Packs with Character of the Month Cards. Some Packs even include a chance at Signature Cards!<br /> <br /> <b>Lock-On:</b><br /> An Event-Exclusive White Base Card is now available in Lock-On! Using Lock-On will help you advance Tiers once you begin the Character of the Month Event, giving you access to exclusive Cards!<br /> <br /> Lock-On energy will refresh every 30 minutes for the duration of the event and will only have a cap of 1!<br /> <br /> If you are not yet seeing the Kanan Jarrus Base Card on your Lock-on screen, it will appear when your Lock-on next refreshes.<br /> <br /> <b>Bundles:</b><br /> In addition to the Event and Lock-On Cards, you can head to the Store to collect Kanan Jarrus Bundle Exclusive Signature and Base Cards! These Bundle Exclusive Cards can only be found in the Bundles and are not featured in Event Packs.<br /> <br /> <b>Bundle purchases do not help you advance Tiers within the event.</b><br /> <br /> Happy collecting! What is your favorite Kanan Jarrus moment?<br />

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